Zuchex 2022 | A Truly International Show!

Zuchex 2022 | A Truly International Show!

The market-leading Turkish trade fair for home and kitchenwares, Zuchex has closed its doors after four excellent days of trading. The show has broken new records and created very much-needed opportunities for the industry reaching a $1 billion trade volume.

According to industry stakeholders and attendees, including visitors and representatives of participating brands, Zuchex 2022 far exceeded expectations. Some of these participants shared their experiences.

Emin Yüce Keramika General Manager

We have been attending the Zuchex fair for about 16 years. This year, our fair started very actively and progressed very well. We met with buyers from all over the world. Our booth was full throughout the fair. There was a serious influx of customers. The customer profile was from all over the world, mainly in Europe and South America. Buyers and chain markets took part in this fair.

Murat Aslan Schafer Board Member

The best fair in recent years. Especially the interest of the foreign export customer was very high. All of our domestic visitors came. There were visitors from different countries related to all product groups, we received important dealership requests. We are very pleased with the fair in general.

Nazlı Özgül Neva Marketing Specialist

When we look at the profile and number of visitors, we are very satisfied with the Zuchex fair. The aisles are quite full, which is reflected in our booth. The number of visitors from both the Middle East and Europe was quite intense. We are introducing our new products and making new agreements at the fair. It is a very productive fair for us which makes a great contribution to us.

Volkan Alper Akcam Marketing Manager

We were expecting an export-intensive fair and it continued to be export-intensive. The fair was productive, met our expectations and was a productive fair.

Tolga Özel Tulu Porselen  Member of the Executive Committee

Tulu Porselen is a porcelain manufacturer with 2 production facilities in Kütahya. We are one of the companies with the widest diversity in Türkiye in terms of product variety, form variety and décor variety. We are participating in the fair for the third time. The number of foreign visitors this year was quite high. We had many visitors especially from Africa and Arab countries. It was a productive fair. The first two days were very busy, the other days were also good. Zuchex is the pioneer of the sector and the biggest fair in Türkiye.

Serkan Emsal Titiz Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Our company is about 40 years old. It is a well-established company in the industry and has made many innovations. We have more than 630 products. We serve consumers with a factory built on an area of 25 thousand m2 and employ 500 people, producing many products we call kitchen, bathroom, cleaning and functional in the plastics industry. This year, we produced about 20 products for Zuchex. We have been participating in the fair since it was held. This year, too, there is a high-quality and high-level visitor profile.

Ahmet Acar Acar Chairman of the Board

This is the 19th time we are joining Zuchex. Last year's fair and this year’s fair are also very successful. There is an intense demand for Türkiye and Turkish products. Our sales are very good at the point of export, there is also activity in the domestic market. We started our preparations for the new product, a new design for Zuchex 3-4 months in advance and we are now showcasing it. Our products have been in good demand. If we need to give a rating for Zuchex, we give it 10 out of 10. Especially the last two fairs are the signature of Zuchex's success.

Zuchex 2023

Zuchex, one of the world’s largest meetings for the home and kitchenware industry, returns to Tüyap Beylikdüzü on September 14-17, 2023.




Zuchex Home and Kitchenwares Fair is organized by Tarsus Turkey.