Zuchex 2021 was visited by 36,332 buyers from 142 countries!

Bringing together the $10 billion home and kitchenware industry after a two-year hiatus, Zuchex 2021 broke new records. Now in its 31st edition, the Fair featured more than 650 brands exhibiting, mainly manufacturers, and hosted a total of 36,332 buyers from 142 countries. The four-day Zuchex 2021 event drew 35% more visitors from abroad compared to the last edition and 6,894 foreign buyers.

One of the world's largest fairs in the home and kitchenware sector, the massive 31st Zuchex took place in 11 halls at Tüyap Beylikdüzü, extending across a ​​100,000-square meter area. Featuring the slogan #wemeetagain, the Fair drew its highest number of exhibitors and visitors in history, bringing together thousands of direct buyers with manufacturers. Zekeriya Aytemur, the General Manager of Tarsus Turkey, emphasized that, as Tarsus Turkey, they have achieved 35% growth thanks to the foreign buyer program, instituted in 2019. Aytemur said that “At Zuchex, the most important expectation of our participating brands – most of which are manufacturers – is that they increase their overseas sales and open new export channels. The Fair’s results show that the number of buyers coming from abroad has reached approximately 7,000, increasing by 35% compared to the last meeting. That so many buyers came to the Fair from overseas, as well as from the nearby geographies, is highly pleasing for exhibitors. As we predicted, the trade target of more than a billion dollars was realized at the Fair.”

According to industry stakeholders and attendees, including visitors and representatives of participating brands, Zuchex 2021 far exceeded expectations. Some of these participants shared their experiences.

Berna Altınay | Korkmaz - Corporate and Retail Stores Sales Manager

“Zuchex is extremely valuable for us in terms of introducing ourselves to our customers and sharing information about our new products. This year at Zuchex we experienced an atmosphere with our guests that we’d missed during the last two years. In addition, we observed great interest in the Fair and are pleased that a high percentage of foreign buyers came.”

Celal Kaya Kınalı | Kütahya Porselen – Deputy General Manager

“Both we and our guests missed attending the Fair these last years. This year, we launched our new products at Zuchex. Dealers and guests alike took a close look at our new collections. In this aspect, the Fair was a good opportunity for our distributorships and dealerships. Many of the customers who visit us come from Europe and the Middle East. We hosted a high number of visitors from both the country and abroad and our stand was full. Zuchex has been extremely productive for us.”

Emre Midilli | Güral Porselen - Corporate Communications Department Manager

“Zuchex is an important fair for the sector – it is one of the ‘locomotive’ fairs. Zuchex is important not just for Turkey; as a global organization, the Fair also provides added value to participating brands. This year, there were productive participations related to the business world at the fair...”

Reha Tavil | Bonna - Commercial Director

“We were very pleased with the intense interest we received at Zuchex 2021. The interest of domestic and foreign visitors in our brand was quite high. This year, our audience was very enthusiastic, and we believe that both our new brands and our collections were the reason behind this enthusiasm. We had the opportunity to meet high value-added companies and visitors at the fair.”

The next stop for the sector is HOST Istanbul 2022

Following Zuchex, the next stop for the Turkish home and kitchenware industry is HOST Istanbul 2022.  HOST 2022 will be the only meeting of the spring season in its region and will contribute to increasing market share in the global household goods market for Turkey, already outstanding for its manufacturer identity. The 15th edition of HOST Istanbul takes place from March 10 to March 13, 2022. Like Zuchex, the HOST event will draw  domestic and foreign buyers and generate new trade agreements.

Zuchex 2022 

Zuchex, one of the world’s largest meetings for the home and kitchenware industry, returns to Tüyap Beylikdüzü on September 15-18, 2022.




Zuchex Home and Kitchenwares Fair is organized by Tarsus Turkey.