You are invited to Zuchex 2021 for the latest trends in home and kitchenware industry!

The essential pieces of kitchens and tables will be exhibited at Zuchex, the biggest meeting of the year for the industry. Opening its doors at Tüyap Beylikdüzü between 16-19 September, Zuchex will showcase the latest trends, and the newest collections. Leading brands will present cooking equipments, cutlery, plastic home and kitchenwares, electrical appliances, decorative products, tabletop presentation products and much more that they have developed with innovative perspectives.

Durable and eye-catching products of stylish tables are waiting for you at Zuchex 2021!

Hascevher | HALL 3 / C-10, D-14

Offering value for money, Hascevher is one of the largest steel cookware manufacturers in Turkey. Featuring more than 3,000 items in its catalogue, the brand raises the bar with products such as pots, pans, and tea and coffee pots. Hascevher reflects current cooking trends in ergonomic, useful and modern designs.

Canba | HALL 2 / B-20

Canba, which has made a name for itself in the glass product industry with its deep-rooted history, is a globally acclaimed brand with a wide product range. Canba instils its vision on its products, shaping them in line with consumer expectations, and demonstrating its design power in its handcrafts and special collections.

Lugga | HALL 10 / B-34

Combining superior quality with experience in the cutlery sector since 1962, Lugga tables are carefully equipped. The Company’s lines offer stylish alternatives for exclusive dinner gatherings, each with unique designs reflecting the brand’s experience and expertise. Featuring quality steel content and fine workmanship, Lugga cutlery series add sparkle to tables.

Bonera Tutku Metal | HALL 3 / C-50

Bonera Tutku Metal makes a difference with its product quality. The brand accents kitchens with a product group emphasizing granite and steel materials and supports elegance with its modern designs.

Dora (Batta) | HALL 10 / B-11

Dora (Batta) is a brand that has opened to the world from Turkey with 100% Turkish capital production. Creating durable and quality products with an environmentally friendly approach, the Company offers long-lasting products such as cutlery, cutlery, cookware, teapot sets, cake moulds and kitchen knives. Dora (Batta) adds value to tables with designs that combine aesthetics, quality, and functionality.

Kahramanlar | HALL 10 / A-40

Reflecting thousands of years of Anatolian culture in designs created with devotion and cutting-edge technologies, the 50-year-old Company has made a name for itself in approximately 27 countries with its wide product range. Combining trends with an innovative perspective, Kahramanlar has been present in kitchens and tables with its quality products since 1974.

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#letsmeetagain | Taking place 16-19 September 2021 at Tüyap, Istanbul!

Zuchex Home and Kitchenwares Fair is organized by Tarsus Turkey.