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It's time for cookwares at Zuchex Trend Weeks... Bringing style & elegance to kitchens, discover stylish and trend cookwares from Avşar Enamel, Hascevher, Korkmaz, Neva, O.M.S., Taşev and many more...…

Avşar Enamel - 3 HALL / A-10

Cookware group products, created based on the Illuminating color announced by Pantone for 2021, offer a new perspective in kitchens with an illuminating effect.

Standing out with cooking group products designed according to the color trends of the year, Avşar Enamel is here with its new collection!

Hascevher - 3 HALL / C-10 / D-14

With its ergonomic, useful and modern designs, Hascevher does not compromise on quality while bringing elegance to kitchens with its granite series. Hascevher catches up with the changing consumer trends with its features of minimizing the loss of vitamins, minerals, and flavor...

Korkmaz - 3 HALL / A-30 / B-30 / FY-01

Durable steel pots are reinterpreted with the Korkmaz quality and aesthetics. Korkmaz steel pots, in consumer-friendly designs, enable delicious meals to be cooked for many years with their durable structure.

Neva - 3 HALL / B-40

Inspired by the elegant white hue of the lily flower, Neva's new Lilyum enamel collection creates perfect combinations with both presentation and cooking products.

Simple-looking cooking utensils inspired by the natural white appearance of lilies are becoming the new favourite in kitchens with their durable structure, suitable for all needs.

O.M.S. - Foyer / FY-01A

O.M.S. Collection introduces new cooking products, combining the timeless qualities of black with natural and durable materials.

The special series of the O.M.S Collection, which enables meals to be cooked in full, piques the taste of consumers.

Taşev - 3 HALL / D-10

Durable cast-iron pots with the Tasev quality. Designed for home chefs, cast-iron cookware takes a place in kitchens with its durable structure, stylish designs and standout colors.

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