Welcome to the first week of Zuchex Trend Weeks…

We welcome you to the first week of Zuchex Trend Weeks where we will bring you some of the best selections that you will find at Zuchex. Let's see the inspiring products from Ar Yıldız, Güral Porcelain, Keramika, Kütahya Porcelain, Neva, Porline, Rakle and TAÇ Porcelain

Ar Yıldız - 3 HALL / D-30 / C-30

Ar-Yıldız brings nostalgic designs back to tables with the Royal Queen breakfast set!

Nostalgic patterns meet classical forms in this series, in which the classic English afternoon tea style is adapted to the breakfast set. Soft colours combine with minimal floral patterns to create romantic images.

Güral Porselen

Güral Porcelain creates elegant tables that emphasize aesthetics with its Bilbao collection.

The Bilbao collection – the modern form of bone porcelain in innovative presentations offering elegance and elegance together and attracting attention with its fine structure, accompanies the most special moments.

Keramika - 2 HALL / A-10

Modern colors meet modern design at Keramika. The special series of Keramika, which impresses with aesthetic designs, take a place on tables in the year’s trending colors.

Kütahya Porselen

The Kütahya Rosa bone porcelain collection brings the timeless beauty of rose petals to dinnerware.

Bone porcelain creates romantic touches on tables with an elegant texture, pearly white color and innovative form.

Neva - 3 HALL / B-40

Neva continues to create standout combinations with the Lilyum series.

Drawing attention with its chic appearance and sleek details, the Lilyum Combination features the eye-catching whiteness of bone porcelain.

Porline - 2 HALL / A-22

Traditional patterns meet the quality of Porline Porcelain.

Merging the beautiful Kütahya patterns, with a history of more than a thousand years, and presentation tableware, Porline adds traditional touches to tables.

Rakle - 2 HALL / A-46

Rakle brings the revival of spring to tables with its Mimosa series.

The Mimoza series, created with special printing techniques, brings a fresh spring breeze to tables with its vibrant colours.

TAÇ Porselen - 2 HALL / B-10

Taç Porcelain creates stylish looks by adding natural marble patterns to table design with Dila dinnerware.

Designed in accordance with this year’s trending natural patterns,  the Dila collection combines elegance and naturalness with gold details.

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