The countdown to Zuchex 2021 begins! Zuchex 2021 welcomes the industry’s leading brands!

The industry’s leading brands meet at Zuchex 2021, the sector’s most anticipated event. In just a few days, the newest, most functional and most durable products will be showcased at Zuchex 2021. At the Fair, visitors will enjoy opportunities to meet with representatives from world-leading brands and to see the latest products up close.

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Onon HALL 3 | D-52

With a deep-rooted history in the metalware production industry, Onon beautifully complements tables with stylishly detailed cutlery sets. Standing out with minimalist designs, Onon serving sets adapt flawlessly to every table presentation, from simple breakfasts to special occasions.

DNZ Art Collection HALL 4 | A-50

DNZ Art Collection emphasizes elegance in glass with the Diamond Set. Consisting of pitchers, goblets and glasses, the Diamond Set adds shimmer to tables with gold details. The Set is a perfect blend of nostalgic style and modern design sensibility.

Nehir Kitchenware HALL 8 | H-21

Nehir Kitchenware reflects four decades of experience and care in its lines. The Company makes quality its priority, working meticulously across every process from the selection of raw materials to design. Nehir Kitchenware delivers style in modern designs dominated by elegant lines.

Kavsan HALL 12 | C-24

Kavsan seamlessly integrates its deep-rooted history with an innovative perspective. Developing high quality, affordable products to meet consumer needs, Kavsan also showcases current design trends with its Zücci brand, established in 2015.

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#letsmeetagain | Taking place 16-19 September 2021 at Tüyap, Istanbul!

Zuchex Home and Kitchenwares Fair is organized by Tarsus Turkey.