Discover products that make life easier at Zuchex 2021

Zuchex 2021 brings together many products that make life easier with their durability and ergonomic designs under one roof. Products that are saviors of daily life in many areas, from kitchens to bathrooms, from decoration to ordering, meet the state-of-the-art production systems of companies. Specially designed products that make life easier with quality content with the assurance of companies that have achieved success worldwide are waiting for buyers at Zuchex 2021!

Bursev Plastik HALL 12 | C-40

Bursev Plastik brings comfort to daily life with practical, durable and easy-to-use products produced with hygienic materials. Featuring a broad range of designs and colours, Bursev Plastik consistently develops its lines in accordance with consumers’ needs.

Burak Plastik HALL 12 | D-44

Burak Plastik offers products that make life easier. Reinforcing the principle of quality and durability for evolving consumer needs, the brand presents a wide range of easy-to-use and practical products that provide comfort.

Box Up HALL 14 | G-09

Boxup continues to deliver value and space in living areas from the office to the home. Featuring specially designed organizers in its product range, the brand continues to develop practical, useful products with an innovative perspective.

Evelin HALL 12 | A-20

With more than 35 years of experience, Evelin continues to create innovative products that address consumer needs. Supporting human health with hygienic wood-look tableware, Evelin offers a wide range of products from plates to eggcups and from trays to bread baskets. Increasingly preferred for salads and fruits, as well as pasta and rice presentations, bowls have leaped to the forefront in recent years.

İmka Melamin 14 HALL | I-34

İmka Melamin supports functional, practical presentations with products approved by health and chemistry tests. With expertise developed since 1979, İmka Melamin has added trays, plates and snack bowls to its product portfolio.  Ease of use and stylish design delivered by İmka Melamin with its Home&Kitchen special product concepts.

Turan Plastik HALL 12| E-10

Turan Plastik offers innovative and high-quality products developed with a world-class production understanding and sectoral vision. The innovative Smartware Touch Trash Bin, developed by Turan Plastik, delivers convenience and practicality thanks to its silent and easy-to-open, single-touch lid.

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#letsmeetagain | Taking place 16-19 September 2021 at Tüyap, Istanbul!

Zuchex Home and Kitchenwares Fair is organized by Tarsus Turkey.