Discover Inspiring Products with Zuchex Trend Weeks | Zuchex

Discover Inspiring Products with Zuchex Trend Weeks

Discover Inspiring Products with Zuchex Trend Weeks

As a preview for Zuchex 2021, Zuchex Trend Weeks continue at full speed. This week we are presenting inspiring products from Acar Home, Ar Yıldız, Bonna, Canba, Kahramanlar, Korkmaz, OnOn, Tulu Porcelain…

Acar Home - 2 HALL / C-20

Acar Home creates special images with the Mercan Dinnerware set, delivering innovation to table settings. Dazzling with its natural, simple, and modern stance, Mercan Dinnerware impresses with its pink cloud-like transitional patterns and undulating plate form.

Ar Yıldız - 3 HALL / D-30 / C-30

The contrast created by black and gold details adds elegance to the tables!

Offering ergonomic design in curved, rounded lines, Ar-Yıldız cutlery sets take their place in the trending designs of the year. Featuring a combination of black and gold details, they complement elegant table presentations.

Bonna - 2 HALL / A-14

Bonna brings its promise and experience of “creating perfect presentations every time” into homes with Bonna Experience, which has a special selection of products.

Offering an enjoyable eating and drinking experience with its impressive line and details, Bonna stands out with its aesthetic and durable products.

Canba - 2 HALL / B-20

With the Life Collection, Canba completes the transparent and elegant look of glass with stylish details. Traces of the past meet today's modernity in the Life Collection, which is formed by combining the unique elegance of glass with the traditional cut crystal model. The line beautifully adapts the trends of the year with an aesthetic design suitable for different uses.

Kahramanlar - 10 HALL / A-40

Kahramanlar Metal comes forward with sleek, minimalist collections.

Combining functional design with aesthetics, this special collection manages to capture elegant tableware trends.

Korkmaz - 3 HALL / A-30 / B-30 / FY-01

A unique combination of classical textures and modern patterns stands out in Korkmaz dinnerware.

The line adds stylish touches to tables, featuring a square-shaped design with modern natural patterns.

OnOn - 3 HALL / D-52

Offering ergonomic and stylish table design with its golden yellow color and elegant curved design, the OnOn Asos Gold Titanium cutlery set combines durability and style.

Tulu Porselen - 2 HALL / D-20

Tulu Porcelain combines the delicate appearance of white porcelain with earthy tones and creates a unique look with its modern tableware.

There is more to discover at Zuchex 2021

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