Countdown to Zuchex, the most anticipated fair for the industry in 2021!

Zuchex Home and Kitchenware Fair, the biggest international event of 2021 in its field, will take place in Tüyap Beylikdüzü on 16-19 September. Industry leaders will come together at Zuchex 2021, where the newest collections will be exhibited and all visitors will be able to find every product they are looking for, thanks to the wide product range of the brands.

Here are the innovative products of the exhibiting brands waiting for you at Zuchex 2021…

Titiz 12 HALL | B-32

Titiz has been making life easier in living spaces with its products since 1984! Offering a wide range of options from kitchen utensils to cleaning products, from glass products to functional products. Titiz integrates trends into daily life.

Tulu Porselen 2 HALL | D-20

Tulu Porcelain elevates the pleasure of dining with simple, elegant tableware.  The Company’s wide range of products are perfect for tables at any time of the day. Tulu Porcelain offers a sophisticated touch to all gatherings, from dinner parties to tea and coffee hours.

Dünya Plastik 12 | C-22

Founded in 1973, Dünya Plastik with the philosophy based on improving quality, functionality and design of the products; does not only exist within the borders of domestic market, but also one of the important players in international area. Adapting many years experience at plastic sector to technological improvement our age brings, Dünya Plastik proving service to its consumers with a wide product range.

Bambum HALL 3 | D-10

Bambum designs and manufactures environmentally friendly and natural products with an innovative perspective. In just a short time, the brand has gained a strong place in the healthy household appliances sector as an organic, ecological, and healthy kitchenware brand. Bambum offers elegance and health in every area from kitchens to bathrooms.

Qlux Ideas 12 HALL | B-30

Qlux Ideas has been developing products for the needs of the consumers for over 30 years without sacrificing quality. Serving worldwide, the brand makes a difference with its unique designs, while also offering practical and easy-to-use products.

Favorim Grup 2 HALL | C-32

Favorim Grup is one of the companies that has made a name for itself in the industry with its long years of experience in the field of home and kitchenware. Favored around the world with its GLASSCOM brand, Favorim Grup makes a difference in its field with the product concepts it has developed taking into account the changing preferences of the consumer. With the GLASSCOM brand, the company continues to add color to living spaces with its ever-expanding and renewed product range.

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#letsmeetagain | Taking place 16-19 September 2021 at Tüyap, Istanbul!

Zuchex Home and Kitchenwares Fair is organized by Tarsus Turkey.