Calling All Coffee Lovers | Zuchex Trend Weeks

A special week for coffee lovers! Tune in to see the hottest coffee products throughout the week! Here; presenting Acar Home, Avşar Enamel, Bambum, Glazze, Güral Porcelain, Kütahya Porcelain, Rakle, TAÇ Porcelain…

Acar Home
 - 2 HALL / C-20

Acar Home Lisbon transforms the traditional coffee ritual into special presentations with an innovative coffee set.

Thanks to its triangular design, this set is aligned with the geometric design trends of the year, while at the same time creating original images with matte colors in natural tones.

Avşar Enamel
 - 3 HALL / A-10

The durable structure of enamel meets new generation playful patterns!

Making tea and coffee special with its stylish designs, Avşar Enamel brings a new breath to kitchens. Enamel, a long-lasting sustainable material, meets with playful patterns and adapts to the design trends of the year.

 - 3 HALL / D-10

Combining the natural touch of bamboo with the abstract motifs of traditional marbling art, the red, blue, and green patterns and reverse angled plates of the Bambum Ebru Coffee Cup set allow stylish coffee presentations.

Glazze - 2 HALL / B-20

Adding stylish touches to tea and coffee presentations, Glazze develops special series with original patterns and innovative forms.

The natural marble pattern combines with gold details, creating the look of a painting.

Güral Porcelain - 2 HALL / A-30 / B-30

With Güral Porselen's Atine Bone coffee cup collection, special images are created by uniting traditional and modern details.

Its smooth surface, modern texture, and blue and white hues are complemented by the elegance of gold details, customizing the pleasure of coffee.

Kütahya Porcelain - 2 HALL / C-10 / C-12

Kütahya Porselen's new coffee sets add a bright touch to the pleasure of coffee with bright plates and geometric patterns.

The collection, developed by combining the year’s trending geometric patterns with the season’s vibrant colors, also impresses with its complementary accessories.

Rakle - 2 HALL / A-46

The Rakle Motto Series instills energy to coffee enjoyment, featuring a dynamic structure and messages that connect with the consumer.

It adds a brand new touch to the cup design with playful mottos embossed on the trendy colors of the season.

TAÇ Porcelain - 2 HALL / B-10

The İnci Kahve set, developed by Taç Ev in an elegant design and a chic pearl-white hue, adds stylish details to the classic Turkish coffee presentation.

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